Nelson Marine Park State of Knowledge

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Overview Map

Nelson Marine Park contains complex undersea topography, including lower-slope and abyssal ecosystems. It covers representative areas of the West Tasmania Transition bioregion.

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    Knowledge status

    Nelson Marine Park has a low level of knowledge.

    • No targeted fine-scale seafloor mapping or biological surveys have occurred.
    • There have been 256 sediment samples collected from 1 survey.
    • Publications, reports and data sets include 3 South east network that reference Nelson Marine Park.
    • Depth: 2557m – 5612m.
    • 63% of seafloor mapped, most at a medium resolution to support biodiversity surveys.

    Key activities

    • Commercial fishing
    • Shipping

    Key Pressures

    • Resource extraction
    • Climate change

    Seafloor mapping and survey deployments

    Interactive Map and Report.

    Key Natural Values (KNV) = Habitat or species that are particularly important to management.

    State of Knowledge published Mar 2023 |

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