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Research and monitoring - biophysical, socio-economic, and cultural - is critically important to help improve understanding and management of marine parks. Parks Australia wants to encourage research in Australian marine parks and ensure that the results of research are effectively communicated.

Do you want to do research in Australian marine parks?

Parks Australia encourages research in marine parks that improves understanding of marine systems, habitats, ecosystems and values. Many Australian marine parks are largely unexplored, so there are lots of opportunities to make new discoveries. Research is allowed in all Australian marine parks with a permit and researchers are asked to share the results of their research. The Parks Australia Science Direction Statement outlines the types of research that are priorities for Australian marine parks.

Tell your science story

If your past or current research is relevant to Australian Marine Parks please consider sharing it on the Science Atlas in the form of a short 'recent research' article. This Atlas is a tool to help communicate the current state of scientific knowledge about Australian Marine Parks, as well as highlight the work of researchers who are contributing to this knowledge.

A template is available to help with drafting articles and you can check out existing articles. If you have an article to contribute or have any questions, please get in touch:

Phone: 1800 069 352