Reef locations in the Cod Grounds Marine Park

Rocky reefs form an important habitat on the continental shelf. Rocky reefs provide a hard substrate upon which benthic organisms such as kelps, corals and sponges can attach, and the 3D structure these organisms create attracts a diverse array of associated species such as invertebrates, molluscs, crustaceans, fishes and mammals, all of which use these areas for shelter, food and recruitment of juveniles. In addition to their biodiversity and conservation values, the high productivity of these habitats makes them a target for recreational and commercial fishing, and rocky reefs are subject to disproportionate fishing pressure compared to adjacent areas of sandy seabed. Knowledge of the extent, nature and distribution of rocky reefs within our network of Australian Marine Parks is important to help us gain a better understanding the value of these habitats beyond the fishing industry, and also to effectively manage and sustainably manage these habitats into the future.

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